Lesson 4 Part 2                                    しゅくだい                                                 Int. 1, Ms. Halper


3. Put the following passages and dialogues into Japanese.

    1)  My mom and my younger sister came to San Francisco last Sunday so I went to

         the Airport. They came by U.A. #809 (809 びん). We took a taxi to Hotel Nikko

         (にっこうホテル).  Hotel Nikko is a bit expensive but nice, and the people at the

         front  desk were kind. They checked in and got two keys to the room. Their room

         was on the 10th floor. We went to the room. It was a very beautiful room. I got

         some souvenirs from my mom and my sister. We then went to lunch. My mom

         ordered some pasta, a small salad and coffee. My sister decided on a

         cheeseburger and small cola. I ordered a cheeseburger and coffee.

    2) At a restaurant

         Host: Hi! How many (people in your party), please?

         Me:    Three.

         Host: This way, please.


        Waiter: Hi! Are you ready to order (Have you decided)?

        Me:       Can we have a few more minutes?


        Waiter: What would you like?

        Me:       Mom, what will you have?

        Mom:   Well, may I have spaghetti, a small salad and coffee?

        Sister:  I think I’ll have a cheeseburger and cola.

        Waiter: Would you like large cola or small cola?

       Sister:   Small, please.

        Me:       Can I have a cheeseburger and coffee?

       Waiter: Certainly. One spaghetti, 2 cheeseburgers, one small salad, 2 coffees, and

                     one small cola. It’ll be just a few minutes.

    3) We then went shopping downtown. I bought a sweater, a scarf, etc. My mom

        bought a blouse and a skirt. My sister bought a cute dress and a pair of boots


    4) Asking the whereabouts

        Brown:  Excuse me. Is there a vending machine near here?

        Tanaka: A vending machine?

        Brown:  Yes.

        Tanaka: If it’s a vending machine you’re looking for, it’s on the second floor.

                       It’s near the elevator (so you can’t miss it)

        Brown:  Thank you.