Int. 1 Halper                         レッスン テスト パート1    名前_______________________

I.                For each word given below, write the corresponding Japanese word both in Hiragana and Kanji.


e.g. mountain  やま、山

1.     Telephone                               2. Place / location


3Second floor                            4. Cafeteria

5.   Right side                                6. Nearby

7.   To live / to reside                     8. Room


II.               Write hiragana for the following Kanji.

1.     かい                 2.  自動販売機


III.              Translate the following sentences into Japanese.


1.     Excuse me, where can I find a telephone?


2.     There are 2 books on my desk (つくえ).


3.     The book is on the table.


4.     The cat is on my lap (ひざ).


5.     There are 2 birthday cards (バースデー・カード) and 5 magazines on the bed (ベッド).



6.     I have $10 in my wallet (さいふ).


7.     John’s car is outside (そと) the building (ビル). (John’s car is the shared information)


8.     Keiko’s dog is next to the couch (ソファー). (Keiko’s dog is the shared information)


9.     Taylor (テーラー) is between Angie (アンジー) and Mike (マイク).


10.  How many bananas (バナナ) are there on the kitchen (キッチン) table?