Int. 1 Halper                  レッスン テスト パート1    名前_______________________

I.              For each of the words given below (some are just in Romaji), write the corresponding Japanese word both in Hiragana and in Kanji.

e.g. mountain  やま、山


1.   Suzuki                                             2.    Friend


3.    Two people                                    4.    Three people

5.    Tempura                                         6.    Set meal

7.    Cashier                                            8.    How many people (formal)

9.    Order                                              10.   One person

11.  A little (formal)                               12.   To wait

13Went                                              14.   Money

II.            Write hiragana for the following Kanji.

1.    紅茶                          2. 食券

III.           Translate the following sentences into Japanese.

1.    Tom (トム) and Jerry (ジェリー) ordered 2 chicken curries (チキンカレー) and 2 coffees.


2.    Prof. Kimura lent a dictionary to Mary (メアリー).


3.    Mary borrowed a dictionary from Prof. Kimura.


4.    I received a camera from my mother for my birthday.


5.    Jim gave a cute dress (ワンピース) to his daughter for Christmas (クリスマス).


6.    We learn a lot of Kanji in the Japanese class.


7.    Ms. Halper never teaches Int. 2 (a general statement).


8.    Keiko waited for a friend at a station for 10 minutes.


9.    Mike rented a car at Hertz (ハーツ).


10.  Is there fish in this soup (スープ)? (use はいっています)