Int. 1, Halper                     レッスン2 パート2   名前__________


I.      Write Kanji for the underlined words. If there is more than one reading given, choose the correct one and then write the Kanji for it.

1.にほんご            2.べんきょうべんきょ  


3.みます            4.こくない


5.ともだち            6.せん


7.きょとしきょうとしきょとうし  (the city of Kyoto)


8.まち              9.がいこく            



II.    Write Hiragana for the following kanji.

貯金             2.送金


3.船便             4.小包


5.郵便番号           6.他府県


III.  Translate the following sentences into Japanese.

1.     My younger brother sent 2 emails to his friends in Indiana.


2.     I paid 3,000 yen to the postal clerk (局員) with a credit card.


3.     The change (I got) was 450 yen.


4.     How long will this letter take to get to Italy (イタリア)?


5.     I bought 20 80-yen stamps at a post office yesterday.


6.     My father is a teacher at the University of Osaka.


7.     How many cups of coffee do you drink everyday?


8.     Excuse me. You gave me the wrong change.


9.     How much will it cost to send this package to Canada by airmail?