Int. 1 Halper                  レッスン テスト パート1    名前_______________________

1.    For each of the words below, give the corresponding Japanese word, both in Hiragana and in Kanji.

e.g. montain やま、山


1.    I, me              2.  Went


3.     Stamp                                               4.  Letter


      5.   Mailed                                                6 .  Postal clerk


      7.   All, total                                              8.   Yen


      9.   Every day                                       10.   Bought


2.    Write hiragana for the following Kanji.

1.    都内                          2.  郵便局

3.   航空便                        4.  払います

5.   図書館                        6. 県内

3.    Translate the following sentences into Japanese.

1.    Where are you going? (to a neighbor)


2.    Where are you going? (to a friend)


3.    I am too! (casual)


4.    I watched an opera on TV last night (ゆうべ).


5.    How did you go to New York (ニューヨーク) from Philadelphia (フィラデルフィア)?


6.    Do you eat sushi with chopsticks?


7.    Taylor drank 3 bottles of beer at the party yesterday.


8.    How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?


9.    Mike (マイク) drinks beer. He doesn’t drink sake, however. (use contrast)


10.  Shall we go together? (casual)