Int. 1 Halper                            レッスン 1 テスト パート1    名前_______________________

I.              Write the following words in Kanji.

1.   きむら                                                              2. やました

3.   せんせい                                                             4. くに

5.    しつれい                                                              6.  おねがい

7.    だいがく                                                              8.  なに

9.    しごと                                                                 10.  なまえ

11.  がくせい

II.            Write hiragana for the following Kanji.

1.      研究室                                                                 2.  専門

3.   松見                                                                       4.  留学生

5.   呼びます

III.           Translate the following sentences into Japanese.

1.    What is your name? (super polite)


2.    What do you do for a living? (super polite)


3.    Where are you from? (not which country are you from?)


4.    Where do you live? (without using どこにすんでいますか。)


5.    What’s the make of your car?


6.    Whose cell phone (けいたい) is this?


7.    My name is Stephen Colbert. (humble form)


8.    Please call me Stephen.


9.    My major (field of expertise) is Business Administration (けいえい), too.


10.  What’s the capital (しゅと) of the United States?